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Nov 14, 2012 6:00am EST
revenues will have to go up on the most fortunate americans, why would you decide to take the economy over the if and put the economy through -- through the cliff and did the damage that would cost? because you are unwilling to agree to a modest set of rates for 2% of americans. it seems deeply implausible as a strategy and should be avoidable. >> why aren't you willing to say in order to avoid the economy going over the cliff we are willing to entertain a different way to get money out of the top 2%? that might involve some rather radical restructuring of deductions? >> when you take a hard look at the amount of resources you can raise from that top 2% of americans through limiting deductions, you will find yourself disappointed. we're looking for 1% of gdp. you are going to find it is hard to do that through deductions unless you want to raise taxes quite meaningful on middle-class americans. there are people who might argue that is a good policy. that is not the president's view. even if you think it is good policy, do you think it is more realistic? is it more politically realistic to
Nov 6, 2012 6:00pm EST
at the american economy and high unemployment, will mitt romney do well? >> it should, if ever body were voting the economy. but a lot of people vote along race, ethnicity, and cultural status. groups with the highest unemployment rate, african- americans, and young people, they are voting for obama. >> do you think the high turnout among ethnic minorities is what this really is about, as the congressman is suggesting? >> it is not just minorities. there are progressives. there were some that gave president obama, a tremendous vote in 2008. it is also the philadelphia suburbs. governor romney will do better than john mccain did in the suburbs. but governor romney gets hurt by the social issues there, the women's issues there. there are more than just economic issues. withnk the women's issue the swing voters and independent voters will resonate in a victory for president obama in a state like pennsylvania or ohio or virginia. >> we may end up with barack obama in the white house, democrats hold in the senate, republicans hold in the house. this will be a divided government. does it really matte
Nov 11, 2012 7:30pm EST
the consequence of not reaching a compromise for the american economy, the world economy, next year, would really be disastrous. we would be talking about a very deep recession. if we went over the cliff and didn't quickly bounce back from it. >> laura, you think there is a two-part solution, right? what do you mean by that? >> well, what i mean by that is we have the fiscal cliff, and then we have the need to get a long run compromise plan on deficit reduction over the next decade. i think we have to be realistic that the possibility of getting this long-run plan over a six-week period, eight-week period with a lame duck congress, that's a pretty low probability event. so i think we have to think about this as can we find a way to negotiate a deal which gets us through the cliff. that deal says something about the framework and the content of the ten-year deficit reduction plan. so my view is get through the cliff first, got to get a temporary deal to that. otherwise all the risks that marty says are very, very serious. but that has to be linked with the -- the outline, the framework, for a ten-
Nov 12, 2012 12:30am PST
itself looks pretty good and i think the american economy -- to me the most important thing is we solve the short-run fiscal cliff and the long run issues and if we do that the economy can boom. hope that proem works on that and i think he has been working on that. >> what are the implications of going over the fiscal cliff you have taken a lead in terms of fix the debt. what are the implications of going off the fiscal cliff and not getting anything done by year end. >> let's separate the two. more g jpmorgan is one of the companies involved. we need a solution. business is supportive of a solution that fixes the problem. we're not religious about the issues of taxes and spending. we want a rational thoughtful solution. the cliff is december 31st, midnight, $600 billion will come out of the economy. the economy drops by 3 or 4%. but the world is not static what may happen is before december 31st you could see the effects and it might be worse as people try to react and protect themselves from a possible impending recession. >>> dodd frank volker issues don't go away under president oba
Nov 11, 2012 7:00am EST
? and if so how and when? >> i hope so. the consequence of not reaching the compromise for t american and world economy next year would be disastrous. we would be talking about very deep recession if we went over the cliff and didn't quickly bounce back from it. >> laura, you think there is a two-part solution. what do you mean by that? >> we have the fiscal cliff an a need to get a long-run compromise plan on deficit reduction over the next decade. i think we have to be realistic, that the possible of getting the long-run plan over a six, eight-week period with a lame duck congress that is a low probabilitity event. i think w we have to think of this, can we find a way to negotiate a deal that gets us through the cliff. that deal says something about the framework and the content of the ten-year deficit reduction plan. get through the cliff first, we have to get a temporary deal to that and all t the risks that marty says are very serious but that has to be linked to the outline, the framework for a ten-year deal. >> one way of doing it is to have a postponement for, say, six month
Nov 5, 2012 12:00pm PST
the american american. both campaigns are ex-- threatens the american economy. a research poll shows president obama edging ahead with a 3- point lead. a rasmussen poll shows romney up by 1. another poll by -- poll by cnn shows both candidates in a tie. >>> thousands of local voters will not be heading to the polls. that's because one of them have already cast their ballots. ktvu brian flores spoke to some of them. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori. i just got the -- i just got off the phone with the directors or -- >> back to the line. >> reporter: voters in the bay area are taking advantage of the relatively shorter lines now. >> it's probably the most important election in a long time. >> it's probably one of the most really really important elections there. >> there's been a big push for early voting. >> because i want to make sure my vote cots because it's very important to get your vote in as soon as possible. >> i wanted to make sure my vote was counted for sure. this is a very important election. >> throughout different counties in the bay area, roughly a quarter have turned in early v
Nov 4, 2012 9:00am EST
to make a choice. to bring jobs back. to make the ecomy, the american economy again. to find someone to lead. to lead us to a better future. the choice, now, the most important vote of our ves. [ romney ] i'i'm mitt romy and i approve this message. >> for to say that this is generation and will again -- a climate reality, extreme weather a reality.. >> n new york governor andrew sayings also quoted as storms are coming years.wo his name up, but prectedhis. >> sure did. >> isn't ththis an indication of antiquated our infrastructure is? are sea barriers in the netherlands. >> this may not ba question of barriers. this heavy jet stream th came sandy in, and they say that is caused by some that is taking .lace in the arctic warmingglobal is a problem. >> agorere did not talk about wasenvironment when he president, and these about it whenalk were e running,. >> in 1988 talalked about -- >> if you had the mitt romney againstgovernor running this obama, their positions have been all that different. mitt romney it was a big endorser of cap-and-trade then. instatance where you don't know w
Nov 5, 2012 4:00pm PST
. if you look at the state of the american economy and you look at the 11 of the american -- level of american unemployment, president obama shouldn't be competitive in this race. he is competitive in part because the republican party's chose an weak candidate, isn't he? >> i don't think that's the case. i think an incumbent president is never weak. so i think a lot in this particular race, however, depends upon how the americans feel about their future, whether they really think that president obama has a plan to offer to get out of these economic troubles that we have been in. and so far i think none has been presented and that's why mitt romney i think has a very good chance of winning this race. because he's struck on the right subjects, he's talked about the need to get jobs, the need to get the economy going again. and i think he has a consistent theme. i think the president has lacked a consistent theme and that's why i think this race is competitive. >> ok, you walked -- worked in the obama administration and of course in the clinton administration. when the president was e
Nov 4, 2012 4:18pm EST
"the american economy" that is prior to government, prior to politics. and that government, if it's involved at all is only involved sort of at the end of the day, maybe tidying things up around the edges or redistributing money for some people to another and i think the financial crisis has been a rude awaken for those people who viewed the economic world that way. i think it's now very clear in retrospect that the decisions that leading public officials made over a period of decades helped to get us to a point where a financial crisis could be so devastating to all americans. >> how can this happen? i mean, how could washington turn its back on the broad middle class to favor a relatively few at the top in democracy? >> well, what has relreally changed is the organization of the american politics particularly the organizations that representative the deepest pocketed members of american spoipt what we've seen is an organizational revolution over the last 30 years that has meant that business and wall street and ideological conservative organizations that are pushing for free mar
FOX News
Nov 30, 2012 2:00am PST
. >> this is not a game. jobs are on the line, the american economy is on the line. this is a moment for adult leadership. >> speaker of the house john boehner giving his take on the lack of progress made in the fiscal cliff talks. and adds tensioas tensions rise capitol hill obama will be pushing his fiscal cliff plan at a toy factory today. >> peter doocy has more on that. >> the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell listening to tim geithner layout the proposal to avoid the cliff. it was so one-sided rich mcconnell reportedly said he burst into laughter. republicans claiming three want a balanced approach and they want to raise revenue without killing jobs and they are going public with their frustrations. >> i am disappointed in where we are. i am disappointed in what's happened over the last couple of weeks. but going over the fiscal cliff is , i am trying to resolve it. >> democrats want republicans to slow down and realize what they are offering is not new. it's the sail debt pl-- same de plan president obama had in the american jobs act. it's not a new stimulus it is something that has been on t
Nov 7, 2012 11:00am PST
that ultimately drives value to the american economy. our customer, i can completely agree with what shannon said in terms of our business objective, so to speak, is to empower entrepreneurs and innovators, to create jobs. that's a metric of success, not revenue generated per data set or some other per ifervance metric. the other piece of that looking back to the example of weather and gps, my monetization, is that together they contribute $100 billion to the american economy last year. last year alone from just those two data liberations. so, that is the way in which we are approaching from a strategy perspective, the ultimate impact to our customers. >> one super quick. one thing the city of san francisco or big cities or federal, right, the other smaller cities, smaller cities have smaller budgets. having a structure to support all this open data takes a lot of money. so, when these small cities are thinking about this, they should think about a way of somehow equalizing because they are putting into having these open data team, right? so, what does make sense? this is kind of an open question
Nov 24, 2012 10:00am PST
in the 1960s than we do now. if you look at the american economy, the big thing we stopped doing, you know, taxes, regulations, roughly the same as they were 30 or 40 years ago. some have gone up and some down. the big shift in the american economy is we have stopped investing. >> yeah. >> we stopped investing in infrastructure and other things as well. here's the important thing. this is the best short term thing we can do. the area of the american economy which has the highest unemployment rate is construction. it is still 12%. down from 16%. but if we could start rebuilding the roads, airports and things like that, it could make a huge dent in this huge problem we face of unemployment in america. >> and we'll stay on top of the discussion about infrafrstructu. you're probably concerned about the fiscal cliff. i'll help you get your money in the right place regardless of what happens in washington. >รง americans are always ready to work hard for a better future. since ameriprise financial was founded back in 1894, they've been committed to putting clients first. helping generations throu
Nov 25, 2012 7:30pm EST
of fragility in american society and of course in the world economy. >> what do you mean by this? they aren't in the game. the john boehners and the barack obamas they don't have skin in the game. >> they are shooting for numbers to look good but they don't pay the price of the mistakes. you and i pay the price of their mistakes. >> let me bring up your book. the book is called "anti-fragile, things that gain from disorder" you said think of the economy as being more of a cat than a washing machine. >> let me explain about anti-fragile. the opposite of fragile is not robust. it is not harmed and doesn't get better from shocks. there is a category of things called anti-fragile that gin from disorder. the biggest mistake is to think of the economy and society in terms of an engineering problem. it's not the same thing. your washing machine and your cat are different. your washing machine needs continuous maintenance and repair. something organic, the human body, if you don't subject it to stressors, use it or lose it. if you don't object it to stressors you get atrophy and get weaker and blow
Nov 1, 2012 5:00pm PDT
of the doldrums that we've been in in the economy. the strongest thing in the american economy right now is the automobile industry. and for him to really drive customers away by making these reckless statements is really wrong. he said in the debate, i wouldn't do anything to hurt gm or chrysler. baloney. he's doing it right now. he's telling lies about these -- misinformation and lies about these companies that could potentially drive customers away. costing american jobs and hurting american companies. to me it's outrageous. >> all right. bob king, president of the uaw. great to have you with us on "the ed show" tonight. thanks so much. >>> there's a lot more coming up in the next half hour of "the ed show." stay with us. >> the american economy in the next four years will produce 12 million jobs if we do not mess up what president obama has already done. >> the secretary of splainin' stuff is working overtime on the stump as george w. bush keeps an eye on mitt romney's money in the caymans. the tale of two surrogates next. >>> the guy who joked about rising tides gets heckled on the
Nov 9, 2012 4:00pm EST
formation is going up. consumers have consumers are still spending. the american economy, to me the most important thing is we solve the sort-run fiscal cliff and the longer run fiscal issues. i think if we do that, the economy can boom. i hope that president obama, you know, works on that. i think he has been working on that. >> and you've been traveling a lot. i know technology has been important as well. i want to get to that in a moment. you mentioned the fiscal cliff. let's stay there for a moment. what are the implications of going over the fiscal cliff. you've been vocal on this subject. you created a task force. you've take an lead in terms of fixing the debt. what are the implications of going off that fiscal cliff? >> let's separate the two. jpmorgan is one of a couple hundred companies getting involved in fix the debt. it's everybody. there's the long run. so fix the debt is more like a simpson-bowles solution. we need a solution. business generally has been supportive of a solution that fixes the problem. we just want a rational, thoughtful solution. the immediate one is this
Nov 18, 2012 12:00pm PST
, the domestic savings of the american economy declines and that is basically the root source of funding for capital investment, and capital investment is where productivity comes from and productivity is where economic growth comes from. so unless and until we recognize that we've got to slow the pace and, in fact, reduce the level of benefits to allow savings to come through and that will create the fact that economic growth which will enable us to fund the social benefits, we're running into a stone wall here in which the more social benefits we have which we don't contain, the lower the rate of savings, the lower the rate of growth and the less the quantity of real resources to fund the benefits. this is obviously an unsustainable situation, and the sooner we come to grips with it the better, and i raise the issue of allowing the bush tax cuts to rescind on schedule was not that i want taxes to go up, i think it's a terrible idea. relative to what? i mean, if we don't close this deficit fairly quickly, we are in real trouble. remember, it's always easier to cut taxes politically than
Nov 6, 2012 7:00am EST
get. this election is very, very close. americans are deeply divided on mr. obama's record and not sure they believe that america's economy is mending. >> we have made real progress, ohio, but the reason why we're sheer because we have got more work to do. >> the republican challenger was in ohio, too. mitt romney's supporters are energizesed. but do voters trust his pitch of markets to heal the american economy or sound a bit like the economics that caused the crash? >> talk is cheap but a record is real and it's earned. change can't be measured in speeches. it's measured in results. >> so the political future of barack obama now hangs in the balance. has he done enough to persuade voters he deserves another four years in the big house behind me or will he find his name added to the sorry list of one-term presidents. >> mr. obama has argued furiously for his second term and seems now to hold a narrow lead in the polls but the challenger, mitt romney says he is confident he can snatch the presidency from obama and return america to a conservative road. >> to a quick look. t
Nov 7, 2012 7:00am EST
the economy and our economic strength in the world. to challenge us and explain it all americans why that program is suitable for off and future. >> very diplomatic, talking about compromise, we always hear this on the first day of an election, but we always go back to the same divide. how on earth is the economy going to approve -- improved? there is a divided congress. >> the truth is that in america, lots of people get elected to both parties and we still have a majority in the house of representatives. we do not have to give in to bad policy just because we did not win the presidential election. if the president wants to do things that are not suitable for the united states, we do not have to roll over and do everything he has said, but we do have to find a way to harmonize these things. that is the message of this presidential campaign. dividing the republican party into smaller groups is not the right answer. that lesson comes through loud and clear. >> thank you very much, indeed. lovely to have you with us here. very kind of you, jim gilmore, a former governor of virginia. on
Nov 20, 2012 7:00pm PST
is essential for the american economy. bernanke says a plan for resolving the nation's longer term budgetary issues without harming recovery could make 2013 a very good year for americans. japan's trade balance for october sank into the red for a fourth straight month. exports plunged due to a slowdown in the global economy and tensions over disputed islands with china. finance ministry officials released preliminary figures shortly before the financial markets opened. last month's deficit came to about $6.7 billion. exports fell by 6.5% from a year earlier. that's in yen terms. japan's exports have fallen for five months in a row. cars and steal led the drop last month. imports also fell by 1.6% from a year earlier. now, by destination europe tumbled by 20% as the region's debt crisis continues to dampen demand. exports to china fell by over 11.5% and anti-japan sentiment dented demand for japanese goods. now let's get a check on the markets. on the tokyo foreign exchange, the dollar is gaining ground against the yen hitting the highest level in just about seven months. dollar yen is curren
Nov 16, 2012 6:00am EST
circumstances have a greater challenge is moving upward in the american economy. that has taken place for a number of reasons related to technology and globalization. what i think is important about our proposals is that by asking the top 2% to pay more, that will provide more opportunities for others to pick the same types of chances they had. what is the extra revenue going to be used for? it will be used to keep student loans low. it will be used to provide stem education in science and engineering and the kinds of opportunities that have made it possible for so many americans to thrive. if you look at what has happened to the income distribution in the u.s. over the last 30 years, we have seen the top pull away. it is wonderful they have done so well. it is important that we pursue the policies that will reduce the opportunities that and provide more opportunities for the lower and middle-income families. >> do you think 10 years from now our budget deficit will be under $10 trillion per year? where you think it will be realistically? >> i would like to see the president's fiscal
Nov 8, 2012 4:00pm PST
. >> but mr. romney pitched himself as a businessman who could get things fixed, get the american economy moving again. why was that not a message that resonated as much? >> that is a great question. there is a strong argument about which one of these guys really understood what working and middle-class americans were going through. when mr. romney, talked about job creators, most americans, according to a survey that we did just at my firm, not the obama campaign leading into the election, the majority of americans thought he was talking about large corporate businesses, not small businesses who are the engine of job creation. but more importantly, more people felt that mr. obama would fight for the middle-class as opposed to governor romney. and this was because of the policies he was offering, investing in education to make college more affordable. these things reflect the value of of -- the values of american people and where they want this country to go. >> you made it sound like it was a faitaccompli -- s acompli. was there a way debbie mehserle is not getting through in a way that
Nov 5, 2012 11:35pm EST
a choice. to bring jobs back. to make the economy, the american economy again. to find someone to lead. to lead us to a better future. the choice, now, the most important vote of our lives. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. >>> well, we enter the home stretch of this presidential race, which remains extraordinarily tight, mitt romney is making his final push. traveling across 13 cities in seven states in three days. my co-anchor bill weir on the road with him and joins us from new hampshire this evening. good evening, bill. >> reporter: it's not over yet. believe it or not, mitt romney just walked off stage in manchester, supposed to be the poetic end to a campaign that started a year and a half ago but things are so tight, he added events in ohio and pennsylvania tomorrow, which is either brilliant or desperate depending on which strategist you talk to. om so much time on the clock and this morning the start of the finish line began in orlando. >> we pray that america, over these next few days, would exalt righteousness. >> reporter: the morning began with prayers
Nov 29, 2012 8:00am PST
the last two weeks. this is not a game. jobs are on the line. the american economy is on the line. and this is a moment for adult leadership. campaign style rallies and one-sided leaks in the press are nolts the way to get things done here in washington. majority leader and i just had a meeting with the treasury secretary. it was frank and it was direct. i was hopeful we'd see a specific plan for cutting spending. we sought to find out today what the president really is willing to do. i remain hopeful that productive conversations can be had in the days ahead. but the white house has to get serious. yesterday our leadership team met with erskine bowles and business leaders about averting the fiscal cliff and achieving the balanced approach the white house says it wants. and i've made clear that we put real concessions on the line by putting revenues on the table right up front. unfortunately, many democrats continue to rule out sensible spending cuts that must be part of any significant agreement that will reduce our deficit. and mr. bowles himself said there has been no serious d
FOX Business
Nov 29, 2012 6:00pm EST
for the american economy and says all the wrong signals to us signals to the market and international investors. also the demonstration of the sheer breathtaking arrogance of the obama presidency. this is a set of demands from an imperial white house. that simply is not open to any form of discussion at all according to these latest developments. this is a deeply worrying. the united states is on the edge of the economic abyss. the $16 trillion debt. so far there are no serious proposals whatsoever coming from the obama administration with regard to cutting this level of debt that the united states knows. america is heading for an economic catastrophe. it is a slow-moving sort of trained crash. gerri: i think that train is being of every single day. to you. imperial presidency. not only imperial. it's on hiatus. the talks have been outsourced. the very man who negotiated the biggest bailout of banks in u.s. history. i think his choice of a negotiator is even problematic at this point. >> i completely agree. if you think back to the start of the first administration, he had his problems getting
FOX Business
Nov 29, 2012 11:00am EST
are on the line. the american economy is on the line. this is a moment for adult leadership. campaign style rallies are not the way to get things done here in washington. majority leader and i just had a meeting with the treasury secretary. it was frank and it was direct. i was hopeful we would see a specific plan for cutting spending. we sought to find out today what the president really is willing to do. listen, i remain hopeful have productive conversations can be had in the days ahead. the white house has to get serious. yesterday, our leadership team met with her stumbles and business leaders about averting the fiscal cliff and achieving a balanced approach the white house says it wants. i made clear we put real concessions on the line by putting revenues on the table right up front. unfortunately, many democrats continue to roll out sensible spending cuts that must rollup any agreement that will reduce our deficit. mr. bowles himself that there have been no serious discussion of spending cuts so far. unless there is, there is a real danger of going off the cliff. that will hurt our ec
Nov 27, 2012 8:00am PST
is holding hostage takers basically of the american economy at the expense of the working man for the benefit of the wealthiest americans? >> the only senators i've heard, you know, threaten the american public in terms of taking the economy off the fiscal cliff is harry reid, president obama, he says he wants to compromise. he says there's only two options here, take the economy off the fiscal cliff or do it my way. that doesn't sound like something he's willing to negotiate in good faith. so, listen, republicans want to restore confidence and certainty to this economy. i don't think want to play brinkmanship, the way to do this is through pro-growth tax reform. i'll quote the numbers again. you'll get ten times the amount of revenue by growing the economy, $750 billion versus the measly $68 billion that the president's proposing by punishing success. i think that would work far better. >> and you're saying revenue because by taxing the wealthiest americans, it cuts off what has been referred to as job creators from actually getting americans to work so we have more americans working that ar
Nov 4, 2012 6:30pm PST
of a winner take all economy. and your answer to that one sentence is? >> american politics did it far more than we could believed when we started this research. what government has done and not done and the politics that produced it really at the heart of the rise of an economy that has showered huge riches on the very, very, very well off. >> it's politics, stupid? >> exactly. >> and how did they do it? >> through organized combat is the short answer. >> and why does they do it? >> because they could. because the transformation of the political organization the creation of a powerful, organized business community the degree to which that was self-reinforcing within both parties has meant that politicians have found that they can on issues after issue cater to the interests of the very wellach while either ignoring or not symbolically addressing many of the concerns that are felt by most americans and get re-elected and survive politically. >> if you listen to many public officials over the last 20 or 30 years as they've started to recognize that inequality has grown, typically when they'l
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 1,734 (some duplicates have been removed)